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Rule 20-6 Golf Pool

The 2019 Edition

(Or under the new rules, The Rule 14.5a Golf Pool)

PASSED 3/5/15.

Proposed Changes to the 2015 Rules of Play

February 27, 2015.

  • Below are 2 proposed additions to the Rules of Play to be voted on by the current 13 members.
  • Neither change will effect current members this year.
  • The second addition (proposed #11) could effect any new member joining for the Summer Season this year.
  • The first addition listed below (proposed #10) will not be applicable until next year since everyone is in this year for the full year.
  • Please email your vote to the Commissioner (, OR
  • Include your vote in the Comment Section of your next team entry for the next tournament.
  • A "YES" vote approves both additions. A "NO" vote declines both additions.
  • 2/3 approval is required for passage.
  • Voting will end when 9 "YES" votes or 5 "NO" votes are received.
  • Note: Both of these proposed additions will be added for 2016, regardless if they pass now or not.

2015 Rule 20-6 Golf Pool

Rules of Play Proposed Additions

Both rules below will be inserted after current Rule #9.

Following rules will be appropriately renumbered.

  1. Before the beginning of the year/season, a current Golf Pool member must declare to the Commissioner that they are playing the current year/season.
    Declaring is done one of 3 ways:

    1. Paying the entry fee.
    2. Making arrangements to pay and submitting a team for the first tournament.
    3. Contacting the Commissioner before the deadline of the first event.

    If a player does not declare they are playing for the current year, they will be considered withdrawn from the Golf Pool and their team will be vacated.   Extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the Commissioner.

  2. New members must send their entry fee to the Commissioner so that it is received on or before the Monday before the first event of the year/season.   This is necessary so that the new member can be properly set up in the Golf Pool Entry System.   If the fee is not received by this deadline, the new member will not be eligible for the first event.   This Monday deadline will apply for the second tournament and all subsequent events.   New members include players who were members in previous years and withdrew from the Golf Pool.

Reasons for proposed changes:

Rule 10:

This doesn't really need to go into the Rules now, it could wait for the offseason, but I wanted to put it in now so everyone will be aware of it.   There was some confusion due to lack of communication at the beginning of 2015, and I want to avoid that in the future.   Also, the way the rules are written now, since teams carry over from year to year, a member from last year could wait and see how his team did for the first one, or more, tournaments then decide to start playing.   Not likely, but not a situation I think anyone would want to happen.

Rule 11:

This is pretty much just an administrative clarification.   As it is stated in the rule itself, this is in primarily so I will have time to create a Player Page and Team Entry System for a new member.   It also defines clearly that past members who quit then come back are considered new members.