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Rule 20-6 Golf Pool

The 2019 Edition

(Or under the new rules, The Rule 14.5a Golf Pool)

2019 Rule 20-6 Golf Pool

Rules of Play

  • In order to play, you MUST be paid up or made arrangements to do so. (Please get the money in as quick as possible.)

  • A "player" refers to a participant in the Rule 20-6 Golf Pool.   A "golfer" refers to a participant in the golf tournament a player could chose for his team.   "Golf Pool" refers to the Rule 20-6 Golf Pool itself.   A "pool" refers to a collection of tournaments in the Golf Pool.

  • New Golf Pool players are accepted only by referral from current Golf Pool members.

  • ALL money collected into this Golf Pool will be paid back to the players.   Winnings will be paid to the players at the end of the year or at the end of the Season when the player withdraws from the Golf Pool.

  • If a player enters all seasons and pools for the entire year the cost would be $170.   See Rule #9 below for the breakdown.

  • The address to send payments to is located on each player's personal account page under the "View Current Balance" link.   Information on paying by credit card or PayPal is also listed there.   New members will need to contact the Commissioner or a current member for the address to send payments or the link for credit card or PayPal payments.   Email the Golf Pool Commissioner ( if you have questions or for additional information.

  • Before the beginning of the year/season, a current Golf Pool member must declare to the Commissioner that they are playing the current year/season.
    Declaring is done one of 3 ways:

    1. Paying the entry fee.
    2. Making arrangements to pay and submitting a team for the first tournament.
    3. Contacting the Commissioner before the deadline of the first event.

    If a player does not declare they are playing for the current year, they will be considered withdrawn from the Golf Pool and their team will be vacated.   Extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the Commissioner.   If a player submits a team for the first tournament and does not contact the Commissioner before the tournament deadline, the assumption will be the player is playing the entire year, including the Year-Long pool.

  • New members must send their entry fee to the Commissioner so that it is received on or before the Monday before the first event of the year/season.   This is necessary so that the new member can be properly set up in the Golf Pool Entry System.   If the fee is not received by this deadline, the new member will not be eligible for the first event.   This Monday deadline will apply for the second tournament and all subsequent events.   New members include players who were members in previous years and withdrew from the Golf Pool.

  • The 2019 Rule 20-6 Golf Pool will include two separate seasons.   Below is the breakdown of the fees for the year:  

    • The entry fee for the Spring Season is $75.  This includes:
    - $6 for each non-major tournament (8).
    - $10 for each major tournament (1).
    - $6 for the "TMC" pool.
    - $11 for the Spring Season total team money winnings pool.

    • The entry fee for the Summer Season is $83.  This includes:
    - $6 for each non-major tournament (6).
    - $10 for each major tournament (3).
    - $6 for the "TMC" pool.
    - $11 for the Summer Season total team money winnings pool.

    • Year-Long total team money winnings pool:
    - A total of team money winnings for both seasons.
    - The cost is $12 & is optional.  This must be paid with the player's initial entry fee.

  • The purse for each tournament/pool will be the entry fee times the number of players in the tournament/pool.   The complete schedule is listed on the schedule page.

  • The "TMC" pool will consist of 4 predetermined tournaments each season.   See the schedule page for the tournaments that have been designated for these two pools.   The winners of these pools will be credited with a season title.

  • Players must enter for an entire season.   No partial season entries will be accepted.   If a player joins after a season has started, they must pay the full amount for that season.   Payouts for events the new player did not enter a team in will be adjusted and distributed as if that player had participated.  

  • If a player withdraws from the Golf Pool after a season has started, there will be no refund for that season.   The player will still be eligible to win tournaments and pools in that season (or year).   If a player has paid for a season or pool and withdraws before it starts, his/her money will be refunded.   If a player pays for the Year-Long pool and plays the Spring season but withdraws before the Summer Season, their team winnings for the Year-Long pool will continue to accumulate through the Summer Season, based on their last team submitted, but they will not be eligible to win in any Summer Season tournaments or pools.

  • Each tournament/pool will pay out 20% of the number of players in the tournament/pool, rounded to the nearest whole number (If there are 8 or fewer players, 1 spot will be paid. 8 to 12 players would pay 2 spots, 13 to 17 would pay 3 spots, etc.).   Payout amounts for each spot will be determined by the Commissioner at the beginning of each season and the beginning of the year for the Year-Long pool.   The minimum amount for the last spot paid will be no less than twice the entry fee (e.g., $12 for non-major tournaments).   All ties will be split and unequal splits will be distributed by lot.

  • Payouts for 2019:

    • Year-Long Pool:
      1st: $104    2nd: $55    3rd: $33    4th: $24    (18 players)

    • Spring Season Pool:
      1st: $96    2nd: $50    3rd: $30    4th: $22    (18 players)

    • Non-Major Tournaments and "TMC" Pools:
      1st: $52    2nd: $27    3rd: $17    4th: $12    (18 players)

    • The Masters:
      1st: $87    2nd: $45    3rd: $28    4th: $20    (18 players)

    • Summer Season payouts will be set and posted here when the number of players is determined.

  • When a player joins the Golf Pool they will submit a list of SEVEN golfers.   These seven golfers will be the player's team.   A player may change any or all of the golfers on their team up until the deadline for the current tournament.   Once the deadline has passed and until the current tournament official final results are posted, no changes may be made.   If a player fails to update their team before the deadline for the current tournament, their team will remain the same for the current tournament as it was for the previous tournament.   Teams carry over from season to season and year to year.   When a player withdraws from the Golf Pool, their team will be vacated at the end of their last paid season.

  • All submissions and changes MUST be made through the website entry form system using the player's personal account.   Links to each player's personal account are located on the Players Menu.   Once the deadline is reached, the website entry system will close and the last team submitted by the player will be the official team for that player for the current tournament.   The website entry system will reopen when the official final results for the current tournament are posted.   Official teams for all players will be listed at the bottom of the Picks Received page immediately following the deadline.   The link to the Picks Received page is on the Picks Menu.   Any ambiguities as to the exact golfer chosen by a player will be resolved by the Commissioner and his decision will be final.

  • Each player is responsible for checking the accuracy of their picks as posted on all pages of the website, especially standings and results pages.   Corrections to administrative errors may be made up until the tournament ends.   After the tournament has ended (when the final putt is holed), the player’s team will be as it is listed on the results and standings pages.

  • The deadline for each tournament will be the same time as the first scheduled tee time on the first scheduled day of the event when first posted on   If there is a delay in the start of play, the deadline will NOT change.   When the tee times are published on the official deadline will be updated and posted on the Rule 20-6 home page.   However, each player is responsible for knowing when this deadline is by checking   Due to the use of the website entry form system and official picks being listed immediately after the deadline, LATE ENTRIES OR CHANGES CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED.   To avoid any specific time issues, it is recommended that a player submit their list of golfers at least one day before the tournament begins then make any changes up until the deadline.

  • The winner of a tournament will be the player whose team accumulates the most money winnings from that tournament.   Money winnings will be taken from the’s Tournament page for the appropriate event, under the Results link (the links to the Tournament pages are on the Schedule page).   If the tournament standings under the Results link does not include money winnings for each golfer, the winnings for that tournament will be taken from each golfer's individual results page on   If golfer winnings are not listed on the website, a purse distribution from the tournament's website will be used.   As a last resort, (e.g.: a W.G.C. event that has no tournament website other than is rained out after 2 rounds and the full purse is paid but the winnings are unofficial and not posted on the winnings will be taken from a common golf/sports website, such as GolfWeek, ESPN or CBSSports.

  • The winner of the total team money winnings pools will be the player whose team accumulates the most money winnings for the 9 tournaments for the season pools, all 18 tournaments for the year-long pool and the designated 4 tournaments for the "TMC" pools.

  • If a tournament is cancelled, or is shortened, and the full tournament purse is not distributed to the golfers, that tournament will be removed from the schedule and all related pools.   The Golf Pool purse for that tournament will be equally distributed among all the tournaments, non-majors and majors, in the season the cancelled tournament was scheduled.   The payouts to tournaments already completed, as well as yet to be played, will be adjusted and distributed using approximately the same payout percentages as was set at the beginning of the season.   The purses of pools associated with the cancelled tournament will not change and the number of tournaments in pools will be reduced.   If a full tournament purse is distributed to the golfers, even if it is unofficial PGA Tour earnings, the tournament will remain on the schedule and in all pools and be used in calculating the Golf Pool winners.

  • If the end of a tournament is delayed longer than the beginning of the next Golf Pool tournament, the players' teams will remain unchanged for the delayed tournament until it is completed.   When the official delay is announced, the website entry system will reopen so players may update their teams for the next tournament.   The Golf Pool tournament results and associated pools for the delayed tournament will be updated when the delayed tournament has officially ended.   Regardless of the length of the delay the tournament will remain in the season in which it was originally scheduled.

  • This is not "fantasy" golf.   It is a real golf pool.   However, The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool qualifies as a "fantasy or simulation sports game" under the Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act of 2006.   So legally, we are cool.   And besides that, it's just a bunch of friends having fun.  We aren't hurting anyone.

  • Any changes to these rules after the year has started must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the players in the Golf Pool.

Rules of Play