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How To Identify the Year of Your Pro V1's

For those of you who have some Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x balls lying around, this will help you figure out just how old they are.

The picture below shows the stamps on the side of the balls.
Titleist has changed the stamps on the ProV's every two years.

I wish I could remember where I got this picture, I'd give the person credit.
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For a little more detail:

1999 & 2000 2001 & 2002 2003 & 2004
The original Pro V1 had only the brand name and the number of dimples. It debuted on The PGA Tour in 2000. This was the year(s) the ball started to take off. They added the arrowheads and put a dot in between the brand name and the dimple number. This version has a dot beside each arrowhead and no dot in the middle. The Pro V1x came out in 2003. The "X" uses the same markings, except it has 332 dimples.
2005 & 2006 2007 & 2008 2009 & 2010
These years there were only the arrowheads and a dash between the name and the dimple number. In this version, and future versions, Titleist took the dimple number off and added a more obvious alignment aid and let their marketing department call it "A.I.M. Technology", Alignment Integrated Marking. No really, I'm serious. Someone got paid for coming up with that. They brought the dots back these years and put them in between the arrowhead and the line.
2011 & 2012 2013 & 2014 2015 & 2016
This version is similar to the '07/'08 version, but there is no space between the line and the arrowhead. This version has the same markings as '11/'12 but the arrows are grey with a black outline. This one has the same black outline with the grey fill color like the previous version, but there is a gap between the line and arrowhead.
2017 & 2018 2019 & (probably) 2020  
With this version the arrow is kind of like the first year they added the arrowheads ('01-'02), only it has been stretched out a lot. The newest version is just like the '17-'18 version but the arrowhead is grey with a black outline, like '15-'16. Also, for the 1st time the ball is available in yellow.  
In all years (2003 and later) the Pro V1x has the same markings as the Pro V1 except
the "X" has a different number of dimples and, obviously, it says Pro V1x.