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Chris wins The Masters!
His unique pick of Adam Scott leads him to his first major victory...
The Rule 20-6 Masters TrophyOnce again the back nine at Augusta came through and gave us a good show.  Nobody picked winner Charl Schwartzel, but Chris had t2 Adam Scott as a unique pick and won this week by $85,866 over Dave A.  It was Chris' first ever win in a major in 21 attempts.  Justin Rose shooting 68 and moving up 19 spots on Sunday didn't exactly hurt him either.  Brian was 3rd, $64,800 behind Dave.  Bill was the bubble boy this week, missing the money by $84,800.

Bill, Brian and I stayed 1-2-3 in the season standings.  In fact, there were no changes in the top 7 spots.

I hung on to first in the "Tiger May Care" (and he did look like he almost cared this week) standings.  Steve remained in the second spot.  Brian moved up two spots to 3rd and Hugh fell one spot to 4th.

Sorry about the delay in getting the final results posted.  As of 2:30 pm Monday I still have not seen an official payout list.  I checked at least 4 different sources that had money listed next to golfers' names (,, the Augusta local paper's website and at least one other I can't remember) and they all had different cash amounts for the also-rans.  There was and still is nothing on and  And forget about that pathetic piece of shit (I would say that a little stronger if I could) website that uses for scoring in majors.  It is actually owned by the PGA of America (As I say every year, I wish you PGA pros would do something about that thing).  I guess the PGA Tour doesn't have the rights to use their fine scoring system for majors, so they have to redirect to the PGA of America's site, which during the tournament was often 2 holes or more behind live and  I didn't set up my spreadsheets to use, so that is also why I made fewer updates during the tournament. 

Got off on a tangent there... to solve the problem of a lack of a results list on, which is where our rules require the official results come from, I went through and looked at each player individually on, which oddly enough had the money winnings listed under each golfer, next to their Masters results.  For golfers that weren't PGA Tour members, I found a member who was tied with them and entered that amount for the non-member's winnings.  Once the official results are posted I'll compare what I now have and if there are any differences I'll let you all know.  I don't think anything will be different.  So these results aren't technically official, but I seriously doubt they will change.

The next event, in about 9 days, is The Heritage in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  I thought we had played this tournament before, but looking over the records I guess we haven't.  So we'll have a new course, and probably a very different set of golfers than last week, to work with... that's what I love about this thing, always a new golf pooling challenge.

Get those picks in on time.

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