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The Wells Fargo Picks Are Up!
24 golfers and 11 uniques... Is this a major?
Let's Get It On!The picks for this week's tournament and mid-round one standings are up on the site.  We picked 24 different golfers.  Must be a good field.  No unanimous picks, but Phil and Bubba are the co-favorites, chosen 13 times each.  Twelve of us thought Rory might be able to keep it out of the cabins this week.  Jim, the one with the loopy swing, showed up on 11 teams.  Nick got the nod 9 times.  Half of us like Dustin.  Martin the German was picked 5 times.  Hunter is the lone 4-bagger.  Justin, Webb and Martin the Scot are all treys.  The deuces include only Camilo and Charles.

Eleven unique picks this week.  Chris and both Daves lead the pack with 2 each.  Randy, Jordie, Steve, Dan and Elise have one each.  The remaining six golf poolers are laying up and not going for it this week, unique-wise.

We played it fairly tight this week.  Four pretty clear favorites and a nice gaggle of uniques to keep it interesting.  A good field, a good course, good weather, good Carolina BBQ... what more do you need for what you know damn well is gonna be a good one...

Let's get it on!

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