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Randy Wins The Barclays!
In one week, an earthquake and a hurricane and only 54 holes...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #16 TrophyRandy was one of the most successful players in the early years of this pool.  He won often, won the 2007 Year-Long title and was the all-time money winner at that point.  But the last couple years have been lean.  Shut out in 2010 and only 3 third place finishes this year, his last victory was the 2009 Masters.  But 45 tournaments later that winless streak is broken and Randy won this week by $21,960 over Mike D.  The only unfortunate thing is he has a hurricane coming right at him.

Both Randy and Mike D. had winner Dustin Johnson and 2nd place Matt Kuchar.  Randy had the most golfers miss the cut this week of anyone (two) and Mike used the same team this week he picked for the PGA Championship (intentionally or not I don't know).  But Jason Day's good final round made the difference for Randy.  Mike M. finished third, $554,258 behind Mike D.  Elise finished on the bubble, missing the money by $141,880.

Despite finishing 10th, I somehow increased my lead over 2nd place in the Summer Season standings to $568,454.  Steve, despite finishing 11th, moved from 3rd to 2nd.  Chris dropped from 2nd to 3rd and trails Steve by $170,044.  Dave A. remained in 4th and is $116,340 out of the money.

The top 3 places in the Year-Long race are still, in order, me, Steve and Bill.  Hugh moved past Dave A. to 4th place.

I believe we have 4 pool players in the path of this hurricane that shortened the tournament this week.  Batten down the hatches guys and good luck.  Hopefully it will peter out some more before it gets to you.

We are not skipping a week before the next tournament.  The Deutsche Bank Championship, which starts this Friday, is our next event.  It starts a day later than usual and this week's event ended a day early, so there's plenty of time to dig deep and analyze the field of 100.  And the course is in the path of the hurricane, so we may get even longer.  Plan on a Friday morning deadline, though.

Get those picks in on time.

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