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The BMW Championship Picks Are Up!
Oh yea baby, it is ALL on the line...
Let's Get It On!The sorted picks and round 1 standings for this week's tournament are up on the site.  We chose 27 golfers.  No one was even a double-digit favorite and four golfers tied for most popular: Scott, Kuchar, Donald and D. Johnson.  All were picked 9 times each.  Another group of four were chosen 6 times each, and all their last names start with "S" (and so does the phrase "So what?"): Stricker, Snedeker, Simpson and Schwartzel.  Watney and Day made it on to 5 teams each.  Fat Phil got the nod 4 times.  Garcia, Furyk and Woodland are treys.  Yang and Bubba are the only deuces.

Eleven uniques this week.  Not bad for glory's last shot (no wait, that was the PGA).  Dan and Chris lead the way with 3 each.  Dave B. has 2.  Randy and both Mikes have 1 each.  The other 8 players will not feel the ecstasy or despair of the hallowed unique pick one last time this year.

This is it... it's the bottom of the ninth, the cards have been dealt, match point, this is for all the marbles, there is no tomorrow... I can't think of any other sports clichés that mean that the shit is now on the line.  The Year-long, the Summer Season, the T.M.C. and the honor of being the final tournament champion of 2011 are all up for grabs.  And the road to those wins all lead through Chicago and Cog Hill G.C.  We have another fascinating set of picks that makes one believe it'll be a real nail-biter, nip and tuck, down to the wire. We'll have a real barn-burner, a different leader after each round.  But only one leader matters, and that's the one who's leading Sunday night.  Jeez, if I keep this banal rambling going on much longer I'll put Peter Jacobson out of a job.  It's gut-check time... and hell yes it's gonna be a good one...

Let's Get It On!

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