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The Arnold Palmer Invitational Picks Are Up!
How could anyone forget about the King's tournament?...
Let's Get It On!How about them Bobcats?

The organized picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are up on the site.  We chose 31 golfers.  Despite his Tavistock Cup performance (and that really does matter, doesn't it?), Tiger is the week's favorite, picked 13 times.  Mahan was the second most popular golfer of the week, picked 10 times.  Rose and Mickelson show up on 9 teams each.  Bubba, he be on 8 teems.  Furyk got the nod 7 times.  Garcia, Haas and Simpson are on the preferred list of 5 players each.  Snedeker, Els, McDowell and Barnes are all treys.  The playing deuces this week are Watney, Bae and Duke (Ken, not John Wayne).  The non-playing deuces are D.J. and McIlroy.

Twelve unique picks this week.  Chris and Brett have 2 playing uniques each.  Dave B. and Mike M. have 2 non-playing uniques each.  Randy, Elise, Hugh and Dan have one each (all playing).  The other 7 players feel the favorites will come through for the King this week and are without unique.

We've got a pretty wide spread of picks for the King this week (I hope everyone knows I'm not talking about Elvis when I say the "King").  Tiger was really only "picked" 11 times, 2 were leftovers from last tournament.  Then we are pretty much all over the place.The King's tournament on the the King's course, the Bobcats are in the sweet 16 (though they'll probably get stomped tomorrow, but what the hell, they're there).  Oh yea, damn straight it's gonna be a good one... the King would have it no other way.  Go Bobcats.

Let's get it on!

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