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The Memorial Picks Are Up!
All these good golfers then we go and do this...
Let's Get It On!The alphabetized picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are up on the website.  Despite a near stellar field, we chose 33 golfers.  Rickie and Rory tied for most popular picks, showing up on 12 teams each.  World #1 Luke Donald got the nod 10 times.  Justin Rose and the fat, lazy-ass withdrawing bastard are on 7 teams each.  Mahan and Furyk made it on the lists of 5 players each.  Jason Day and Webb Simpson are 4-baggers.  The treys include Moore, Curtis, Stricker, Bubba and Tiger.  Branden Grace, Keegan, Bo V.P., Louie O. and D.A. are the deuces.

Fourteen unique picks for Jack's tourney.  Randy is the leader with 3.  Brett, Chris and Mike M. have 2 each.  Steve, Bill, Dan, Mike D. and Dave B. have one each.  Six of us noticed this was a pretty damn strong field and went with the party line.

When I first looked at the field list I thought this set of picks was going to be like a major... 24, 25, 26 different golfers picked at the most.  I was wrong.  Only three golfers were picked by more than half of us.  We have 24 uniques, deuces or treys.  The defending champion, current Masters champion and the active golfer with the most career majors are all treys.  And after the first round none of our 33 picks are in the top 10.  I know 2 things for sure... that last stat will change and this is gonna end up being a hell of a wild tourney.  It has to be, it's Jack's Tournament.

Let's get it on!

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