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The U.S. Open Picks Are Up!
The scrubs rule in The Open, so why didn't we pick'em?...
Let's Get It On!  U.S. Open special! The first person to see this and send me an email before the end of the tourney will get a $2 credit on their account!The organized picks and round 1 standings for this year's 2nd major are up on the site.  We chose 27 golfers.  Tiger and Lee are the favorites, chosen 13 times each.  Young Rory, the defending champion, showed up on 10 teams.  Kuchar got the nod 9 times.  Eight fools picked world #1 Luke Donald.  Dufner and Mickelson are favored by 6 players each.  Mahan, Fowler and D.J. are 4-baggers.  Stricker, Garcia and Furyk are the treys.  Kaymer, Oosthuizen, McDowell, Z.J. and Bubba are the deuces.

Nine unique picks.  Hugh is the leader with 2.  Elise, Chris, Bill, Brian, Jordie, Mike D. and I have one each.  The other seven players will not know the heavens and hells of the uniques this week.

I finally got around to putting up the pictures and videos I took at The Memorial Tournament this year.  Go to the Other Stuff page to view them.  I also did a little research on how to determine how old the Pro V1's I have laying around are.  If you have some of those Titleist balls, or find one, and want to know the age of it, check out that link (also on the Other Stuff page).

Is Chris Berman going to die any time soon?  Like before tomorrow.  And Berman with Curtis Strange?  And Paul Azinger?  Good thing I don't keep a loaded gun next to my TV.  The three of them together couldn't make a pimple on an announcer's ass.  Someone should be fired for allowing those morons to talk.  If you ever thought the Golf Channel's coverage was lacking, watch golf on ESPN.  The dumbasses should stick to the NBA and over-analyzing the NFL draft.  They suck at that too, but not as bad as they suck at golf coverage.  Ok, I'm done. 

I expected some wilder picks this week.  It's the U.S. Open, there is always some nobody, or almost nobody, up there until the end.  We went, for the most part, pretty stock this week.  And I'm seeing a lot of red on that Current Week Picks page.  Might as well take some chances if the so called "good golfers" are going to hack it.  Aw hell, how would we know?  It's the U.S. Open, you know it's gonna be crazy, and regardless of who's leading, a damn good one...

Let's Get It On!

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