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The British Open Picks Are Up!
Only 25 golfers and 2 unanimous? Must be a major...
Let's Get It On!The picks for this year's third major are up on the site.  The initial standings are ridiculously early, so I wouldn't even worry about them.  We chose 25 golfers.  We have two unanimous picks, Westwood and Woods.  Harrington was the third favorite, showing up on 12 teams.  McDowell was chosen 9 times.  Donald and Rose are on 7 teams each.  Young Rory got the nod 6 times.  Franky Molinari made it for 5 players.  Ernie is the lone four-bagger.  Americans Fowler and Dufner are this week's treys.  The deuces include Garcia, Oosthuizen, Snedeker, Kuchar and Scott.

Nine unique picks and nobody had more than one.  Hugh, Randy, Dan, Elise, Chris, both Mikes and both Daves have a unique.  The other 6 of us were even more conservative with our picks.

Wow, we sure play it tight when the money's on the line.  Though 16 of the 23 golfers that matter this week are uniques, deuces or treys, so that will allow for a little excitement in the standings.  It's the British Open... something bizarre will happen.  Actually it already has, the course is green.  It's amazing what some rain will do.  We wouldn't know that around here.  Tight picks, a soft, green course and the simple fact it's the British Open... damn straight this is gonna be a good one...

Let's Get It On!

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