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The PGA Championship Picks Are Up!
Isn't this suppose to be a major?...
Let's Get It On!The picks and very early round one standings are up on the site.  We chose 37 golfers.  No unanimous picks, but Tiger is the favorite, on 12 of 15 teams.  The Irish Boys, Rory and Graeme, tied for second favorite by being chosen 10 times each.  Dufner shows up 9 times.  D.J. got the nod 7 times.  Six players like world #1 Luke.  Bubba, Matt and Louie O. were picked 5 times each.  Z.J. is the lone trey.  Lots of deuces: Ernie, Rickie, Charl, Adam, Webb and Nicolas.

Twenty one, yes that's 21, unique picks.  Hugh is the leader with 5.  Jordie has 4.  Bill, Dan and Mike M. have 2 each.  Brett, Chris, Brian, Mike D., Dave B. and I have one each.  Elise, Steve, Randy and Dave A. somehow missed out on this unique-fest.

Well, must be time to start gambling.  This is definitely the wildest set of picks for any major this year, probably any tournament.  There are more uniques and deuces this week (27) than the total picks for any other major this year.  And 37 is the most picks we've had for any tournament this year.  Glory's last shot, and we all want a piece of it.  I know I'm ready and with this bad-ass course and bunch of picks you know damn well it's gonna be a good one...

Let's Get It On!

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