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Brett Wins The Cadillac Championship
Four out of the top 7 might be a record...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #5 TrophyBrett had winner Tiger and 2nd place Steve Stricker along with t3 Gaeme McDowell and 7th place Keegan Bradley and won this week by $381,750 over Steve.  This was Brett's  first career win and 3rd cash of the year.  Steve also had the #1 and #2 golfers, plus one other top 10.  Shelley got her first career cash, finishing 3rd, $91,500 behind Steve.  Shelley had Tiger and 3 other top 10's, but not enough fire-power to overcome the big 2nd place check of Stricker.  Dan ended up 4th, missing the money about $115k.

The "Tiger May Care" (and it looks like he does care again) standings are just like this week's tournament standings.

Brett's win vaulted him up 2 spots into the Spring Season lead.  Randy fell one spot to 2nd and Dave B. dropped a position to 3rd.  Bill is still on the bubble.

Overall we were pretty impressive with our picks this week.  We had 10 of the top 11 golfers and 16 of the top 19.  Of course we picked almost half the field, but that's still pretty good.

I guessed pretty well on the purse distribution.  None of the positions in our standings changed though the dollar amounts did vary a little.  I went to sleep at 11:30 last night and no official results had been posted.  They were up this morning.  I guess if you think your tournament is "prestigious" you never publish a purse until well after the event is over.  "The Masters does it, so if we do it we'll be just like the Masters."  I wonder if they charge less than $3 for their sandwiches too?

Take a break.  We have next week off.  In about 10 days we head north up the Florida Turnpike to Orlando and to the King's place, Bay Hill and The Arnold Palmer Invitational.  Tiger won there last year, will he do it again?  Vegas has him 2-5 at being a unanimous pick.

Get those picks in on time.

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