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Jordie Wins The Arnold Palmer Invitational!
Four out the top 6 wins it... these poolers are good...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #6 TrophyJordie's unique pick of "The Man in Orange", t3 Rickie Fowler, along with t3 Keegan Bradley, 2nd place Justin Rose, everybody's pick of winner Tiger and no golfers missing the cut (or no mail-it-in Spanish bastards withdrawing with less than nine holes to play) was more than a strong enough team for him to wrangle in a victory this week.  Jordie's win ended a 39 tournament winless drought, dating back to the 2011 Pebble Beach Pro-Am.  I finished 2nd, around $258k behind Jordie.  Steve captured third, $89,466 behind me.  Fourth place Mike M. missed the money by just under $5,000.

The top 4 places in the Season Standings did not change, though things did get a little tighter.  The order is still Brett, Randy, Dave B. and Bill.

Steve jumped over Brett to take the "TMC" lead at that race's halfway point.  Jordie jumped up 6 spots to third and Shelley fell one place to the bubble.

Steve is leading the Rule 20-6 NCAA Tournament pool, but it's pretty tight at the top.

The next event in about 16 days, well, it's the real start to the golf season.  That's right, A Tradition Unlike Any Other... it's time for the Masters.  Of course, if you've been watching basketball the past 4 days on CBS you know that.  I think they telecast the NCAA tournament just so they can run their Masters promos.  I know I'm going to need this extra week off to get my team together.  Tiger's #1 again, Keegan's playing well, Rose is tough when he makes his 2-footers, Phil can't decide if he's good or not, Rory might be over his toothache, all sorts of other golfers that could find a heater for a week... man o' man... So many picks, so little time.

Get those picks in on time.

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