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The New Orleans Pick Are Up!
Aw hell, let's just give this one to Dave...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are up on the site.  We chose 28 golfers.  No one was unanimous, but Justin Rose is the favorite, on all but one team.  Keegan Bradley was the 2nd most popular linkster, showing up on 12 teams.  Jason Dufner and Rickie Fowler were picked 11 times each.  The Bubba is the man for 10 of us.  Billy Horschel got the nod 8 times.  Named for a Nordic god and a tennis player, Thorbjorn Olesen, is the choice for 7 players.  Nickie Watney makes it on to 6 teams.  Now we're jumping all the way to the deuces: David Toms, Chucky Howell, Ernie Els, Jordan Spieth, Justin Hicks and Jimmy "J.J." Walker.   For the record, Randy and Bill picked the same golfers.

The unique picks totaled 14.  Hugh is the leader with 3.  Dan, Dave A. and Mike M. have 2 each.  Chris, Brian, Shelley, Dave B. and Mike D. have one each.  The remaining 6 of us will not celebrate or curse the phenomenon that is the unique pick.

There are clearly some favorites.  And then we just kind of let it rip... 20 of the 28 golfers are uniques or deuces.  This is going to be a wild one.  Mardi Gras will be a Disney parade compared to this week's tournament.  We are in the Big Easy, Cajun Country, and well WHOOEEE!  Dis'un gon be mo citin' then aw crawfish bawl on da Fortjie... DAT RIGHT!  DIS JUS' GOTS A' BE A GOO'IN...
Let's get it on!

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