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The Memorial Tournament Picks Are Up!
28 golfers picked and half are uniques for our fifth major...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and round 1 standings for this week's tournament are on the website.  We chose 28 golfers.  As even a retarded chimpanzee (i.e. - a Golf Channel or ESPN analyst) could have predicted, The Cheetah is unanimous.  The guy who plays for Tiger's former caddy came in 2nd favorite, chosen 13 times.  Matt Kuchar, who I actually saw frown when I was at the tournament Wednesday, made it on to 11 teams.  Justin Rose made the cut for 10 players.  Nine of us like Brandt.  Youngsters Rory and Jason are on 6 teams each.  Furyk got the nod 5 times.  Schwartzel and Westwood are 4-baggers.  No treys this week, but Rickie, Zach, Webb and Keegan are all deuces.

The unique picks added up to 14.  Chris and Dave A. have 3 each.  Randy and Mike M. have 2 each.  Brett, Dave B., Mike D. and I have one each.  The remaining 7 players didn't find Memorial uniqueness this week.

Jack did a lot of work this past year to make the tournament nicer for the golfers.  I missed a lot of the improvements he made for the fans, but I guess ticket sales have been pretty good, so that probably doesn't matter.  The Memorial is the only tournament, other than the 4 majors, that we have played every year in this pool.  I guess that makes it a prestigious tournament for us.  The field is stellar, as usual... the course looked near perfect... I'm pretty gosh darn sure this is gonna be a good one...

Let's get it on!

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