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The U.S. Open Picks Are Up!
34 golfers and 21 uniques... Is this a major?
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and standings for the second major of the year are up on the site.  We chose 34 golfers.  For the 9th time this year the Cheetah was the favorite, and for the 4th time of the year he is unanimous.  Matt Kuchar is the 2nd favorite, picked by all but 2 players.  Graeme McDowell shows up on 11 teams.  Man-boobs was chosen 9 times.  Eight of us think the USGA will let Adam Scott use his long putter for the whole tournament.  Furyk got the nod 6 times.  Donald, Stricker, Rose and Schwartzel are 4-baggers.  No treys, but Westwood, Day and  Snedeker are deuces.

Lots of uniques for a major; 21's the total.  Jordie is the leader with 4.  Chris and Mike M. have 3 each.  Dan, Bill and both Daves have 2 each.  Randy, Hugh and Mike D. have 1 each.  Steve, Brian, Shelley, Brett and I will not know U.S. Open unique glory or grief.  For the record, Steve and Brian picked the same 7 golfers.

I had to re-check the entries a third time.  This is not a usual U.S. Open-type set of picks.  Three or four favorites, 3 or 4 more semi-favorites, then we go wild.  Someone picked a golfer that had never been picked before and I had to add that name to the list.  That rarely happens in a major (as a matter of trivia, over the course of 9˝ years we have picked 315 different golfers).  This one's going to be wide open to the finish... but why wouldn't it be, it's the U.S. Open.  Even soaking wet it's a tough old course, with or without wicker basket flags, and with this mess of picks that's just gotta make it a damn good one...

Let's Get It On!

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