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The BMW Championship Picks Are Up!
4th and 1... Here we go...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and round 1 standings for this year's final tournament are up on the site.  We chose 21 golfers.  Tiger and Adam tied for the favorite spot, chosen 12 times each.  Henrik shows up on 11 teams.  Stricker made the cut for 10 players.  Nine of us like smilin' Matt.  Dufner got the nod 8 times.  Spieth and Rose were picked 7 times each.  Graham DeLaet and Phat Phil made it on to 5 teams each.  Bradley and Day are the only treys.  Furyk, Haas, Donald and D.J. are this week's deuces.

Only 5 unique picks.  Dan is the leader with 2.  Chris and both Mikes have one each.  The remaining 11 of us will not know final tournament glory or shame though a unique.

This is it.  Time to cap off a good year, make it a decent year, or recover from a pathetic one.  All the pools are on the line and we have thrown down a pretty solid set of picks.  More favorites than usual, a few mid-range picks then more than half are uniques, deuces or treys.  It will come down to the wire Sunday just north of Chicago, as it should when you know it's gonna be a damn good one...

Let's get it on!

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