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The Pebble Beach Picks Are Up!
28 golfers picked, 14 uniques, 2 w/d's and no amateurs...
Let's Get It On!The organized picks and round one standings are on the site.  We chose 28 golfers.  No one was unanimous but Jason Day was pretty close, picked by 14 players.  D.J. was the #2 favorite, showing up on 13 teams.  Mahan and Spieth were chosen 10 times each.  Nine of us like Man Boobs.  Gray-me is on 7 teams.  Jimmy Walker is dy-no-mite for 6 players.  Snedeker got the nod 5 times.  Furyk and Perez are 4-baggers.  Charley Hoffman, who finally got a haircut, is a lone trey.  Chris Kirk, Charlie Wi and Nick Watney are this week's deuces.

Half of the picks are uniques.  Hugh, Dave B., and both Mikes have 2 each.  Chris, Shelley, Dan, Brett, Jordie and Dave A. have one each.  Brian, Bill, Randy, Steve and I will not have to deal with any Monterey Peninsula uniques.

Haven't seen any whales yet, other than that one woman walking on the beach, but the TV guys sure do like the seals laying on the rocks today.  Amateur interviews have been mercifully few so far, but I'm sure CBS will make up for that Saturday.  This may be one of the most brutal tournaments to watch in terms of golf, but the background and blimp views in HD can not be denied; especially when I look out my window and see more fucking snow coming down.  Aw hell, just turn the volume down, close the blinds and it'll be a damn good one...

Let's get it on!


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