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The Arnold Palmer Invitational Picks Are Up!
I wonder if there is any way to block the Expert Picks page?...
Let's Get It On!The standings and alphabetized picks for this week's tournament are on the site.  We chose 23 golfers.  None unanimous, but Masters champ Adam Scott was picked by all but 2 of us.  Ending up on 11 teams each, Rose and Mahan tied for the 2nd most popular golfer.  Bradley, McDowell and Bubba are on 9 teams each.  Patrick Reed and Zach Johnson show up 6 times each.  The Man In Orange got the nod 5 times.  Harris English is the lone 4-bagger.  Snedeker, Moore and Poulter are treys.  The deuces are Woodland, Stenson and Thurston's boy.

Seven unique picks.  Dave B. has 2.  Dan, Brian, Chris, Jordie and Mike M. have one each.  The other 9 of us went chalk.

It looks like we have 5 entries into the NCAA tournament pool, so the winner will pocket it all, $25.

Another tight-ass bunch of picks, though every team is different.  Some only vary by one or two golfers, which should keep it exciting.  I guess.  It will keep it close.  Maybe we should start giving bonuses for unique picks.  At least we didn't have to agonize about whether or not to pick that whiny Tiger.  Hey Tiger, forget the free weights and stop swinging so damn hard.  Jeez.  It's the 2nd "T.M.C." event of the Spring even though Tiger won't care this week we are gonna have a good one...

Let's get it on!

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