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The U.S. Open Picks Are Up!
We don't need no stinkin' rough...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this year's second major are up on the site.  We chose 29 golfers.  Adam Scott is the favorite, one short of unanimous.  Rory is the #2 favorite pick, showing up 13 times.  Young Jordan is on 12 teams.  Eleven of us think Phil will make a run at the career grand slam.  Kuchar was chosen 10 times.  Bubba got the nod 7 times.  Rose is the only 4-bagger.  The treys include Dufner, Furyk, Kaymer and Matsuyama.  Westwood, Simpson, McDowell and D.J. are deuces.

Fourteen uniques.  Brett, Bill and Dave A. have 2 each.  Dan, Chris, Shelley, Steve, Jordie, Dave B. and both Mikes have one each.  Somehow Randy, Brian, Hugh and I missed out on a Pinehurst unique.

This is our most important major of the year.  It's our national championship.  Even though it happens every year, it is still a 1000 times more important than World Cup soccer.  And I care about it around a million times more than that once every 4 years month of boredom and ESPN hype .  I hope the rest of you feel the same.  You better, because with this set of picks we are going to have some hellacious golf pooling going on this week.  Five pretty clear favorites and over 75% of the golfers picked are uniques, deuces or treys.  Donald Ross can rest in peace now that they've put his masterpiece back to the way he left it, and it's still challenging the best golfers.  After Friday we'll get rid of Chris Berman (maybe ESPN will send him to Brazil, he'll get arrested on suspicion of terrorism, detained for an undetermined amount of time, and beaten in the kidneys with large sticks until he pisses blood and can no longer sit in a chair long enough to broadcast any sporting event.  We can always dream.)  and we can start truly enjoying this major.   I'm going to turn the volume off and enjoy Friday anyway.  This is the U.S. Open so I really don't even need to say it's gonna be a damn good one...

Let's Get It On!

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