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Steve Wins The PGA Championship!
We have 2 players winning everything, the PGA Tour only has one...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool PGA Championship Trophy.Once again this week it took some pretty strong picking to get into the money.  The top 5 pool finishers all had 3 of of the top 4 golfers.  All 5 had winner Rory and runner-up Phil.  The top 4 players had  t3 Rickie, 5th place Dave B. had t3 Henrik.  Steve threw in T5 Furyk on his team and the other 4 didn't have any other top 10's, so he won this year's final major by $283,500 over Hugh.  It was Steve's 3rd win of the year and 4th career major; his first major since the 2009 British Open.  He also set a record for most money won by a team in one tournament, $3,997,909.  I unofficially had him over $4 million, but the PGA of America changed their purse distribution from last year and the change kept him just short of that mark.  Someone will have to top that milestone in the next $10 million purse tournament we play.  Second place Hugh had one more top 30 finisher then 3rd place Dan and beat him by $101,728.  Dan edged out Shelley for the final money spot by $6,092, primarily due to Shelley's pick of Bubba whining his way to a 72 on Sunday and Dan's pick of McDowell shooting 69 in the final round.

Dan moved up from 3rd to take over the Summer Season lead.  Steve moved up 3 spots to 2nd and trails Dan by just over $60k.  I fell 2 spots to third, as did Bill, who is now on the money bubble.  With 3 tournaments to go the top 4 places are separated by just over $326k and with 1st versus 7th the difference is just under $1.65 million.  Still lots of players in this game.

Steve took over the "Tiger May Withdraw" pool lead at the 3/4 pole.  I stayed in 2nd and Dan is still 3rd.  Chris fell 3 positions to 4th.  This one is also up for grabs, with less than $1.63 million separating 1st and 8th.

Steve is back on top of the Year-Long race, now with about a $1.2 million lead over me.  Hugh stayed in 3rd but closed the gap on 2nd to less than $164k.  Dan is still 4th.

Enjoy the next week off, because it's going to get serious in about 10 days when we start our 3 weeks in a row Playoff rush at the Barclays at Ridgewood C.C. in Paramus, New Jersey.  I think that's the course built on a garbage dump.  What am I saying, it's in New Jersey, of course it's built on a dump.

Get those picks in on time.

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