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Hugh Wins The WGC-Cadillac Championship!
Don't these people know I have a pool to run??...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #3 trophy.Hugh's unique pick of 2nd place Long John B. Holmes, along with winner Dustin Johnson, was enough to take him to the winner's circle this week, topping Mike D. by $108,000. It was Hugh's first win and cash of the year and 2nd Cadillac Championship win in row.  Mike had D.J., along with 3rd place Bubba and t4 Adam Scott, but the rest of his team couldn't put enough money together to sneak by Hugh.  Brian finished 3rd and had 5 golfers the same as Mike, including Johnson, Watson and Scott, but Patrick Reed's final round 75, combined with Mike's pick of Jim Furyk and his Sunday 69, cost him 2nd place money by $40,000.  Steve finished on the bubble, $67,000 out of the money.

Brian and Steve stayed 1st and 2nd in the Season race.  Brian leads by about $129k.  Hugh jumped to 3rd from 7th and is about $311k out of 2nd.  I'm in 4th.

This was the first "TMC" event of the year, so those top 4 standings are obviously Hugh, Mike D., Brian and Steve.

I did not guess right on the purse distribution, especially 2nd through 5th places.  I originally had Mike D. winning and Hugh 2nd (sorry about that Mike).  The official distribution gave a little more money to 2nd place then I did, but considerably less to 3rd, 4th and 5th places.  There is a certain "logic" that is usually used year-to-year and tournament-to-tournament in purse distribution percentages, but the World Golf Championships do not follow any sort of trends.  When the purse goes up, as it did this year, one would think the percentages for each position would stay pretty close to the previous year.  The WGC does not always do this.  They gave more of the purse to the lower finishers this time.  In the past they've given more to the higher finishers when the total purse changed.  These tournaments, and their bizarre desire to keep the purse distribution secret until the end of the tournament, do not fit well into this golf pool's structure.  Fortunately the only WGC event we have left is the match play.  May not see many more WGC's in the future.

What really pissed me off this week was's inability to get the final money standings up on their pathetic website (Oh sure, it's pretty, but try to find something useful without scrolling the length of a Dustin Johnson drive and then having to click 4 or 5 times. Unless your looking for Webb Simpson's latest tweet or a video of Rory McIlroy's 3 foot putt for birdie, that's not going to happen).  It was 9:00 am Monday before the list of finishers with money winnings was posted.  With a normal tour event they usually get the money results posted in a couple hours and since this was a WGC event maybe that was the problem?  No.  ESPN, who barely mentions golf unless Tiger is playing, had the money results posted 2 hours after the final putt went in.  I will not use ESPN for official money results, or anything golf related, so we'll have to wait for the PGATour, I guess.  Ok, I'm done ranting.  But I'm still frustrated.  I like to try to be timely.

The next event in about 10 days is 3 hours or so up the Florida Turnpike from Miami in Orlando at The King's place, Bay Hill, for the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  I'm sure all the usuals will be playing there, except what's-his-name, who'll be be too busy working on a swing change, taking PEDs, pumping iron and recovering from his latest STD.  But we won't care.  Hell it's not even an "T.M.C." event this year.

Get those picks in on time.

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