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The U.S. Open Picks Are Up!
If you're going to attend, it's ok to carry in your bag of weed but not your water bottle, which is cool with D.J....
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this year's 2nd major are on the site.  We chose 25 golfers.  The Spieth kid is the favorite once again, picked 12 times.  Rory's in on 11 teams.  Rose was chosen 10 times.  Nine of us think Phil will get his 7th runner-up U.S. Open finish.  Furyk made the cut for 8 of us.  Duhstin and Rickie are on 7 teams each.  Hideki got the nod 6 times.  Four deuce picks: Moore, Kirk, Horschel and The Bubba.

Lucky 13 unique picks for the Open Championship of the United States.  Mike M. leads with 3.  Dan and Hugh check in with 2 each.  Dave, Chris, Jordie, Joe, Randy and Mike D. all have one each.  Brian, Bill, Steve and I will not have a unique National Champion this year.

The daily standings, until the official purse is announced, are based on the PGA Tour's percentage distributions.  The USGA does it's own thing but never lets us know what that is until it's over, or almost over, so if it's close down the stretch you may still have a chance.  Or you may get screwed.

Once again the picks are in this year's formula... on the low end since it's a major, I guess.  We left off a lot of good players and frequent picks who are playing well.  However, wisely, no one picked Tiger.  But he doesn't qualify as a frequent pick any more and he definitely doesn't fit in the good player category either.  The course is what I expected.  I'm sure most American golf fans think it looks like shit, no perfectly manicured bright green grass everywhere or giant misplaced trees all over the property... I think it's beautiful.  If the wind blows hard these guys are going to shoot some Tiger-like numbers.  Boy, that phrase sure has changed it's meaning in the last 10 years.  It's the U.S. Open, do I even need to mention it's gonna be a good one?...

Let's Get It On!

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