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The Barclays Picks Are Up!
The only thing that matters in golf... catch that FedEx Cup Fever!
Let's Get It On!Sorry I'm late with this email, I had to go to New Jersey and bail Nick out of jail.  Jerrod had a trial in Stockton so he couldn't do it.  Heath got his ass kicked again and Audra was just too busy looking good.  Mama Barclay's dead and Silas don't work for whitey no more.  I was glad to help, plus nobody reads this thing anyway.

The picks and now round 2 standings are on the site.  We chose 25 golfers.  The young Spieth boy was our favorite with all but one of us foolish enough to pick him.  D.J. made it on to 11 teams.  Day and Rose were picked 10 times each.  Friday trunk slammer Brooks Koepka got the nod 9 times.  Bubba and Rickie were chosen 5 times each.  Jimmy Furyk was a lone 4-bagger.  Kuchar, Casey and Lingmerth are treys.  The deuces are Streb and Scott.

Twelve uniques.  Chris is the leader with 4.  Mike M. has 2.  Bill, Brian, Dan, Dave, Joe and Mike D. have one each.  Jordie, Hugh, Randy, Steve and I could not find a Jersey unique.

The picks look like just about every other week this year.  Maybe we should add a golfer for next year?  The only thing that is going to have me watching this weekend (since my team is pretty much DAF - Dead After Friday) is the golf course.  Why don't they play classic courses more often?  Short putts that you have to start outside the hole... drivable par 4's with no water that can produce bogeys or more if you get greedy and eagles if you hit the shot... brutal putts from behind the hole... Donald Ross was a genius.  Add a little yardage for the modern equipment and his courses stand up to these present day heroes.  Plus it's nice to see rough that is actually something you want to avoid instead of being about the same length as most public course fairways.  I'm going to enjoy it now because I'm sure the rest of the "year" will be at TPC Goat Hills type courses.

Let's get it on!

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