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Jordie Wins The Deutsche Bank!
He also wins the T.M.C., Brian wins the Summer and Year-Long...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #18 trophy.Only 3 players had winner Rickie Fowler, so the top 3 this week was easy to calculate.  Jordie used Rickie, his home field advantage and T4 Jim Furyk to win this week by $213,744 over Joe.  It was Jordie's first win of the year.  Joe finished $11,481 ahead of Bill, thanks to his pick of T39 Robert Streb shooting 70 on Sunday and Bill's pick of D.J. mailing it in with a 76.  Chris ended up 4th and was the only player with all 7 of his picks making the cut, but no one on his team wearing orange on Sunday.

Brian held off a hard charging Jordie to win the Summer Season title by about $870k.  Jordie jumped over Dave to grab 2nd.  Dave was just over $832k behind Jordie and around $512k ahead of 4th place me.

Jordie did pass Brian in the Summer "T.M.C.", spoiling Brian's "Season Slam".  I finished third and Dave ended up on the pay bubble.

Despite logging his worst finish of the year this week, 9th place, Brian won the Year-Long pool, finishing more than $3 million ahead of 2nd place Dave.  Steve grabbed the final money spot and I ended up 4th.

That's it for 2015.  Twelve years on the books.  Thanks to all for playing and I hope everyone had fun.  Brian deserves a special mention for one of the most consistent years ever.  His worst finishes were the first and last tournaments, 7th and 9th, and in three other events he finished 6th.  Then for the other 13 tournaments he finished 4th or better, including 2 wins and 9 cashes.  He was the first player to win 4 season pools in one year and the 3rd player to cash in all 5.  An outstanding year of golf pooling, though I'm sure Johnny Miller could find some faults in it.

If you owe money, please get it in as quickly as possible so I can send it to Brian.  And Steve will get a big chunk of it too.  And Dave.

The schedule for next year will be different, especially in the summer, due to golf being in the Olympics (why lower the game of golf in such a way? Oh wait, money... never mind).  The PGA is 2 weeks after the British Open, and other events are moved around in odd places, but I think we can do mostly every other week... I'll figure it out and put it up on the Calendar page, unofficially, in the the next month or two then make it official about the first of the year.

Thanks again for playing, congrats to the winners and for all the losers, next year will be the year.  Guaranteed.

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