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Joe Wins The Masters!
The Sunday back nine never disappoints...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Masters Trophy.Joe was the only player to have all 7 of his picks cash and made his first career win a major, capturing the Masters title this week by $187,917 over Mike M.  Joe had such a solid team that the Speith collapse actually increased his lead (at the point the young Texan was doing his Tony Romo imitation) and he had the young choker on his team.  Second place finisher Mike M. had all of his picks make the cut, but with one of them being an amateur, he only had 6 with any money winnings.  If Rochambeau had been a pro, he wouldn't have won enough for Mike to overtake Joe anyway.  Dan grabbed the last money position, ending up about $272k behind Mike.  I managed to find the bubble spot, almost $143k away from the cash.

The Season and "TMC" pools look strikingly similar to the standings for this week, being this is the first tournament of the year.

You may have noticed the final results amounts were a bit higher than the unofficial results.  I had an error that was causing the calculations to use the wrong total purse.  The percentages for each spot were correct, only the dollar amounts were off, so the Pool positions were not different with the correct purse.

No time to rest, we are going right back at it this week (you will be reading that phrase, or something close to it, a lot this year. We have a lot of back-to-back weeks).  In less than 3 days we are moving east and a bit south of Augusta to Hilton Head and The RBC Heritage Classic at the Harbor Town G.L.  The is the short/tight course for the year on the PGA Tour.  The long and wild will be trunk slamming on Friday.  Choose your golfers carefully.

Get those picks in on time.

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