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Dan Wins The Wells Fargo
I'd rather be streaky than good...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #4 TrophyAfter a 3rd place cash in the Masters, Dan finished last in the next 2 tournaments.  He rebounded this week with 4 of the top 7 finishers on his team and won by $72,035 over Bill.  Dan's only other golfer to make the cut finished 17th.  Big Phil's final round 66 is pretty much what put him on top.  Second place Bill cashed for the 3rd week in a row and was $30,913 ahead of me.  Joe ended up 4th, missing the money by about $80k.

Bill stayed on top of the Season race and stretched his lead to just over $680k.  Joe jumped up 2 spots to 2nd.  Steve also moved up 2 spots to 3rd and trails Joe by around $492k.  Randy fell 2 places to the money bubble, about $133k behind Steve.

Stay in the golf pool groove because we are doing it again in about 3 days, 400 miles south in Ponte Vedra Beach at The TPC Sawgrass and the big money Players Championship.  Last time I looked they raised the purse over $10 million to $10.5 million.  Finchem might be able to find another half million in a drawer somewhere to make it an even $11 million.  At $10.5 million, first place will be $1.89 million.  Even 2nd place will pay more than the winner got at The Heritage.  A first place unique pick will most likely put anyone in the lead in the Season Pool.  Sawgrass is far from my favorite course, but it does make for exciting viewing down the stretch.  We will have to put up with NBC's coverage, but at least Jim Nance won't be there.  Choose your golfers carefully, this one could make or break your season, or possibly your whole year.  That last sentence is just about cliché enough to get me a TV announcer job.

Get those picks in on time.

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