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Mike M. Wins The U.S. Open!
He may yet have to take a penalty stroke, but it won't matter...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool U.S. Open trophy.Mike M. had T2 Jim Furyk as a unique plus the top 4 most picked golfers that made the cut and that was enough to win this year's 2nd major by just under $250k over Steve.  It was Mike's 2nd win in a row and 3rd cash in a row.  It was also his 3rd career major, his last one coming at the 2007 British Open.  Steve had the same 4 popular golfers as Mike, plus T18 Adam Scott and T5 Brandon Grace, but Grace's bogey on the 72nd hole cost him about $284k and Steve the win.  Oliver finished in the last money spot, around $82k behind Steve, and missed out on 2nd place due to Grace's finish.  Joe found the money bubble this week, due primarily to his unique T5 Sergio jumping on a back 9 bogey train.

Since he was leading going into the season's final event and he won the tournament this week, Mike also won the Spring TMC by just a bit more than $925k over me.  Steve closed the gap on 2nd but ended up remaining in 3rd by about $58k.  Joe again caught 4th place, just under $376k behind Steve.

With one event to go in the Spring Season race, Mike M. jumped up from 3rd to grab the lead, but it's tight.  Second place Steve is just $20,216 behind Mike.  I moved up one spot to 3rd, $816,491 behind Steve.  Jordie is now 4th, $360,841 out of the last money position.

We go right back at it this week, in about 2˝ days in our nation's capital and Congressional Country Club and The Quicken Loans National.  This is Tiger's tournament, sort of.  It benefits his Foundation, anyway.  I just clicked on a story on that was titled "Tiger Woods: Game is coming together."  It was a story about his play in this event last year.  Why they wouldn't take that story down after a year confuses me.  I don't think Tiger is playing this year, but feel free to pick him.

Get those picks in on time.

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