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John Wins The British Open!
And it's about damn time...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool British Open trophy.I was the first player to win a major in this Pool, the 2004 Masters.  This week, 50 majors later, I won my 2nd major, squeaking out a victory by $1,696 over Jordie.  It was my 2nd win of the year.  All of the money winners this week had Champion Golfer of the year Henrik Stenson.  Jordie and I had 5 golfers the same; the difference for me was the T30 Spieth kid not mailing it in Sunday and shooting 68, unlike my other different pick of T72 Brandon Grace, and Jordie's picks of T22 Justin Rose not going less than 70 Sunday and Shane Lowry missing the cut.  This was Jordie's 2nd cash of the year.  Chris finished in the last money spot, about $328k behind Jordie, hurt by both his unique picks not making the weekend.  Dave ended up on the bubble spot, just under $326k behind Chris, and was the only player to pick runner-up Phil Mickelson.

This was the first TMC event of the Season, so those current standings are just like this week's results.

Jordie took over the Summer Season lead.  I moved up to 2nd and trail him by about $458k.  Randy is now 3rd and Chris moved up to 4th.

The Year-Long standings were shook up a bit.  I moved up 2 spots to 1st.  Jordie also jumped 2 spots to 2nd and trails me by less than $145k.  Randy dropped one position to 3rd and Mike M. fell out of the money spots to 4th.  About $1 million separate 1st and 4th with a lot of tournaments to go.

With no break we come back across the Atlantic but not to the U.S.  In aboot 3 days we tee it up at Glen Abbey G.C. in Oakville, Ontario, Canada for The RBC Canadian Open.  It's a shame when your national championship has to have a title sponsor, but it is Canada, eh?  Ah yea.  We haven't played this tournament since 2007 and I won that one.  I guess coming off a win that would make me the favorite.  Hopefully the weather will be nice enough we won't need our toukes.  Before I make my picks this week I'm gonna swing by Timmy's and pick up a double-double and a couple of crullers.  I recommend everyone do that.   Ah yea, that'll aboot be what we need, eh?  Eh.

Get those picks in on time.

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