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Joe Wins The Wyndham Championship!
The winner gets the honor of shooting the Wyndham Rewards Wizard...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #15 trophy.Joe had 5 of his 6 cut makers in the top 10, 2 more top 10's than anyone else, and went wire-to-wire to win this week by $278,575 over me.  It was Joe's 2nd win of the year and 3rd cash.  I had 3 top 10 golfers but never really had any chance of catching Joe.  Mike M. snuck into 3rd place with the Pool top pick, second place Luke Donald, as a unique; but the rest of his team pretty much, well, sucked.  Bill ended up on the money bubble, missing the money by slightly less than $87k.

The top 4 positions in the Summer Standings did not change, though the differences between spots got a bit wider.  The order is still me, Jordie, Hugh and Randy.

In the Year-Long race I increased my lead a little over 2nd place Jordie.  Mike M. and Randy switched spots, Mike now 3rd and Randy 4th.

Can you feel the anticipation?  The expectation?  The hope?  The suspense?  Sure you can because it's FedEx Cup time!  The most important part of the entire PGA Tour season.  Hell, the most important thing in the whole golfing world!  Majors, WGC's, Olympic medals... they pale in comparison to a $10 million dollar annuity.  In about 3 days we will play the first FedEx Cup event, The Barclays, held this year at the Bethpage State Park, Black Course in Farmingdale, NY.  This is the public course that held the U.S.Open a few years ago.  Hopefully they will have the rough high and the tees back like they did for the Open, but I doubt it.  They wouldn't want to embarrass these great golfers playing for this prestigious Cup and giant wad of cash.  I'm sure the entire Barclay family will be there and since it's in New York, Nick is guaranteed to be in several fights.

Get those picks in on time.

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