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The Players Championship Picks Are Up!
Reminder to NBC and PGATour: This is not and never will be a major...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We chose 28 golfers.  No one unanimous but D.J. is the favorite, chosen 15 times.  Rory came in 2nd most popular, picked by 13 of us.  Players rookie Jon Rahm made 12 teams.  The Man in Orange shows up 11 times.  Ten players like Masters champ Sergio.  Rose is on 8 teams.  Defending champ Jason Day got the nod 6 times.  Spieth was picked 6 times.  Matsuyama and Thomas are 4-baggers.  Kisner is the only trey.  The deuces are Finau, Chappell, Kaymer and Molinari.

Lucky 13 uniques this week.  Oliver leads with 4.  Joe and Chris have 2 each.  Hugh, Steve, both Mikes and I have one each.  The other half of the Pool won't have to worry about their unique dunking 3 or 4 balls in the water on #17.  Andrew and Bill have the same 7 golfers.

We've got some clear favorites and a bit of risk taking; about what's expected for this tournament.  We have 5 players who don't have a unique, deuce or trey.  That's a couple more than usual.  But there are 4 players with at least 4 u./d./t.'s, which is more than normal.  Definitely a risk/reward vs. play it safe set of picks.  Other than #12 I don't see much different in the course.  So the "massive changes" were just like this tournament, a lot of hype.  We've got the "TMC" title on the line and it's "moving week" for the Season race... and with all this money on the line it's just gotta be a good one...

Let's get it on!


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