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Brian G. Wins The Quicken Loans National!
Picking golfers that want to play on the weekend is key...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #12 Trophy.Brian G. was the only player to have all 7 of his picks make the cut and used them all to win this week.  It was his 2nd victory of the year, both in the last 3 events, and his 3rd cash of 2017.  Six of his seven golfers finished in the top 25, with 3 of those in the top 10.  I finished 2nd, $28,566 behind Brian, also with 3 top 10's plus 5 golfers in the top 20, but my other 2 picks decided to take the weekend off.  Hugh was 3rd, $79,719 behind me, and had 3 top 10's, 4 top 20's and 2 golfers enjoying the holiday weekend.  Randy found the money bubble, $8,262 short of a cash.

The top 4 in the Summer Season race did not change.  They are still Mike D., Chris, Brian G. and Joe, in that order.  Brian's win did tighten things up a bit, however.

The top 3 in the Year-Long standings didn't change; still Mike M., Brian T. and Steve.  Brian G. moved up to 4th from 5th.  Mike leads Brian T. by about $637k and Brian T. is ahead of Steve by just under $1.7 million, but then 3rd and 10th places are separated by about $1.1 million.  With 6 tournaments to go a lot of folks are still in this race to cash.

No time to rest.  We go at it again in about 2 1/2 days in West "by God" Virginia at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs on the Old White course.  This tournament was cancelled last year due to some rather serious flooding, so I think quite a few big name golfers are playing this year to show their support.  If they aren't playing then they should be.  I haven't looked at the field list yet, so I don't know who to call out.  I'm sure I'll get to it before the end of the week.

Get those picks in on time.


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