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The Northern Trust Championship Picks Are Up!
What you are feeling is Playoff Fever...
Let's Get It On!The picks and round one standings for this week's tournament are on the site.  We chose 28 golfers.  Hideki is the favorite, chosen by all but one of us.  Jordan is the #2 most popular golfer, picked 13 times.  D.J. is on 11 teams.  Rickie and Kooch show up 9 times each.  Eight players like Henrik.  Justin T. and Jason D. made it on to 6 teams each.  Paul and Brooks were picked 5 times each.  Rory got the nod 4 times.  No treys, but Patrick, Ian, Tony and Francesco are this week's deuces.

Lucky 13 uniques for this first playoff event.  Joe leads with 3.  Chris and Bill have 2 each.  Dan, Dave, Randy, Andrew and both Mikes have one each.  The remaining 7 of us will not know Fed-Ex Cup glory or pain through a unique pick.

At first glace this looks like a pretty typical set of picks for an event filled with big names; two or three clear favorites, maybe a few more mid-range picks than usual but then about 60% uniques and deuces.  But the uniques are scary this week.  Here's a team I would have been happy to submit on Wednesday: Rahm, Rose, Dufner, Kisner, Walker, Hoffman and Louie O.  Nobody has that team because all 7 of those golfers are unique picks.  Man, this golf pooling stuff is getting hard.  The course looks like it's going to make them hit it straight, which they should have to do every week.  With all the above and the raw, unrivaled excitement of the Fed-Ex Cup playoffs, this is gonna be nothing but a damn good one...

Let's get it on!


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