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Rule 20-6 Golf Pool

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(Or under the new rules, The Rule 14.5a Golf Pool)

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Mike M. Wins The Phoenix Open!
Cut makers and uniques will usually get it done...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #1 Trophy.Mike M. had winner Gary Woodland as a unique pick and put a whoopin' on us this week, finishing almost $875k ahead of 2nd place Dan.  Mike has certainly been the hottest Rule 20-6'er the past two years.  Since the beginning of 2016 Mike has won 7 and cashed 15 times in those 37 tournaments.  Plus he has 4 Season titles since '16.  In the 37 tournaments before the start of 2016 he had only one cash, a 2nd place finish.  Dan continued his good golf pooling from last summer and squeaked by 3rd place Andrew by $3,647.  Brian G. found the money bubble, missing the last money spot by just under $40k.

Since this was the first event of the year, see the above paragraph for a summary of the Spring Season standings.

We get a week off then head to the City In the Smog, L.A., for the Los Angeles Genesis Open.  Technically it's called The Genesis Open, but a tournament that's been on the PGA Tour schedule since the 1930's should keep a little bit of tradition in its name.  If it were up to me it would still be called the Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open.  It's still held at Riviera C.C., one of the better courses they play all year.  We will be at full field strength, all 17 players, so many of us will need to stop picking so many Friday trunk-slammers and find some golfers who want to make some money.

Get those picks in on time.


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