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Andrew Wins The Dell Technologies Championship!
He also sweeps the Summer pools and the Year-long...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #18 trophy.Once again, 3 players had the low Pool finisher, this week it was winner Bryson DeChambeau, and those 3 were the tournament money makers.  Andrew was the only one of the trio to have 2 other top 10's and won by $150,754 over Brian G.  It was Andrew's 2nd win and 5th cash of the year.  Brian's 2nd place finish was his 3rd cash of 2018.  $18,418 behind Brian was Mike D., who grabbed his 5th cash of the year.  Mike M. found the money bubble, $407,600 away from the last pay spot.

Andrew won the Summer Season title.  Brian G. was 2nd and close behind him in 3rd was Bill.  Hugh ended up 4th.

Andrew easily won the Summer "TMC" with the largest "TMC" total of all time.  Brian G. was 2nd and Bill got 3rd.  I wound up 4th.

Andrew made it a complete sweep of the end of year pools by winning the Year-Long race.  Brian G. was once again 2nd.  I managed a 3rd place finish and Bill found the 4th place spot.

That wraps up the 15th season.  Congrats to all the winners and condolences to those who didn't do as well as they should have.  Hopefully everyone had fun.  Be sure to check your Current Balance page on your Players page.  If you owe money please get it to me quickly so I can pay the winners.  They deserve to be paid promptly, despite how lucky they may have been.  The address to mail checks is on the Balance page, as well as the link to paying with a credit card through PayPal or a PayPal transfer.  If you have winnings and want to apply those to 2019, let me know that too.

The schedule next year will be different, only because the PGA Tour is screwing around with their schedule.  We pretty much have to start at the end of January.  It looks like the first tournament of the Summer Season will have to be the PGA Championship in May.  I was hoping to end the Spring with the PGA and balance out the majors between the Spring and Summer Seasons, but if we do that we'll have to play 9 events in 12 weeks because the Tour Championship (which we can't really play because of the 30 golfer field) is the last full week of August.  Nine tourneys in 12 weeks is pretty aggressive, especially in the summer.  I'll work out the details and let you know by the first of the year.

Thanks to all for playing.  I had fun and again I hope everyone else did too.  See you in 2019!


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