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Dave A. Wins The Texas Open!
Watch out, he's on a heater going into the majors...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #7 trophy.Dave A. had 4 top 10 finishers, including deuce pick 2nd place Charley Hoffman and 3rd place Ryan Moore, and won this week by $478,189 over Mike M.  It was Dave's 2nd win in a row and 3rd cash of the year.  All 5 of his cut makers were in the top 30.  Mike had all 7 golfers make the cut, 4 top 10's including Moore, but no Hoffman or enough firepower to overcome Dave.  It was Mike's 2nd cash of 2019.  Mike A. also picked up his 2nd cash of the year finishing in 3rd, $60,509 behind Mike M.  He was the other player with Hoffman, but only one other top 10.  Steve and Brian T. tied for the last money spot, $192,911 behind Mike A.  Brian G. was this week's bubble boy.

I stayed in first in the Season race.  Brian G. moved up 3 spots to 2nd.  Dave A. came up from 12th to grab 3rd place.  Steve went from 6th to the last money spot.  Mike M. also moved up 2 spots to 5th.  First and 8th places are separated by less than $670k and 1st and 13th are about $1.19 million apart.  With 2 tournaments to go, including one major, there are a lot of us still in the hunt.

Steve won the men's NCAA March Madness pool.

Do not rest, but why would you want to?  It's Masters Week.  In less than 3 days we are going at it in the year's first major in Augusta, Georgia.  I've had a hankering for a pimento cheese sandwich... always happens this time of year.  I'm also smelling azaleas, though nothing is blooming here in Ohio.  The course may not be in as good of shape since they let a bunch of women play on it last weekend, but they don't hit it hard enough to take divots and are pretty good about fixing ballmarks, so I'm sure it will be pristine as usual.  That should be enough gender bashing to keep me from ever running for public office, except President of course.  None of that matters now anyway, it's Masters Week.  Ah yes, it is time for the real golf season to start.

Get those picks in on time.


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