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Jordie Wins The Pebble Beach Pro-Am!
Mahan and Points, and Marino, come through for him...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #2 TrophyJordie had tournament winner D.A. Points and runner-up Hunter Mahan and despite having only 2 other golfer make the cut, won by just under $520,000 over Elise.  Elise had 4 golfers in the top 10, including Mahan,  and six golfers cashing but couldn't overcome the big first place money.  Dan finished third with six golfers making the cut, was the only other player to pick Points, but the rest of his team mailed it in and he finished just under $31,000 behind Elise.  Dave B. ended up 4th, missing the money by about $233,000.

Jordie, Elise and Dan are 1-2-3 in the Season race.  Bill is 4th.

The next tournament, less than 10 days away, is going to be different... and maybe a disaster.  It will be our first attempt at the World Golf Championship Accenture Match Play Championship.  I'm a little worried that we could end up with a 7-way tie for first, or worse.  There will be 64 golfers starting the tournament and half of them will end up with the same amount of winnings, $45,000 based on last year's purse.  Then the 2nd round losers, 1/4 of the field, will all get $95,000.  If we don't pick anyone who goes any farther than that, well, it could be ugly.  Of course picking all four semi-finalists would be a good way to jump out to a huge lead in the season races.  And what is the best strategy for dividing your picks between the brackets?  It will be interesting.

One good thing is everyone will win at least $315,000; unless you pick someone who isn't in the tournament.  We had that happen twice this week, then Tim Clark withdrew at the last minute.  There's not much that can be done about a situation like Clark, but the other two were not on the field list, at least not on Tuesday when I did my picks.  In past years I used to point out such errors if I had my picks in and noticed when entering the names into the spreadsheets.  But now I can't see anyone's team before the deadline, so I can't (and probably never should have) point out anyone's over site.  So be sure to double check your picks.  With the new system changing one or two names is quick and easy.

The Accenture Match Play Championship starts on a Wednesday, so plan accordingly.

Get those picks in on time.

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