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The WGC-Match Play Picks Are Up!
58% of the field was picked, 19 of 64 are unique picks and how the hell am I going to score this thing?...
Let's get it on!The picks for this week's tournament are up on the site.  Standings will come later.  I'm not sure how much I'll be updating during play, especially in the first two rounds, but I will definitely post standings at the end of each round.  They will be a little odd; after today half the field will be tied for 1st.  As we go through the week it will start to fall in to place.  On the Current Week Picks page instead of over/under par it will list if the golfer is out or the round they last won (or are winning, if mid-round).  If all the matches are complete for a round and your golfer is tied for 1st, he's still in it.  If he's not tied in 1st, he's done (or losing if he's on the course).  It might make sense.  If it doesn't, check the standings Sunday night to see if you won.

Let's get to the picks:  Lots of picks.  37 golfers were chosen this week.  That's the 2nd most ever (last year's AT&T National was the most at 38).  And with only 64 golfers playing, I'm pretty sure this is the highest percentage of golfers picked from the total field since the last time we played the Tour Championship.  No one was even close to unanimous.  World #1 Lee Westwood was the favorite, showing up on 10 teams.  Martin Kaymer and Graeme McDowell were chosen 8 times each.  Casey, Mickelson and McIlroy were picked 7 times each.  Former world 1-2, Woods and Stricker were four-baggers.  Donald, Els, Kuchar and Poulter are the week's treys.  The deuces include Furyk, DJ, Cink, Mahan, Schwartzel and Y.E. Yang.

Uniques?  Yea, plenty of those this week. More uniques than non-uniques... 19 of 'em.  Chris, Jordie and Dave A. led the way with three unique picks each.  Both Mikes and Randy had two each.  Elise, Hugh, Dave B. and I had one each.  Brian, Dan, Steve and Bill somehow avoided a unique pick this week.

I was worried about ties, but with this freaking mess it would be more amazing if we ended up with ties than if we didn't.  Only 3 golfer are on more than half the teams.  Over 3/4 of the golfers picked are deuces, treys or uniques.  This is clearly the wildest bunch of picks I've ever seen in this pool.  And it is match play; anyone of these guys could beat anyone in this field in 18 holes.  This is without a doubt gonna be one hell of a tournament.  It's just gotta be...

Let's get it on!

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