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Bill Wins The W.G.C.-Match Play!
Kind of hard not to win when you pick the top 3 golfers...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #3 TrophyBill had the top 3 golfers this week and won by $460,000 over Dan.  Dan and 3rd place finisher Brian also had both of the finalist, Donald and Kaymer, but that 3rd place money from Kuchar put Bill over the top.  Brian was one 1st round loser behind Dan, $45,000.  Dave B. ended up a distant 4th.

Bill took over the lead in the Season race, jumping from 4th to 1st.  Dan moved up one spot to 2nd and trails Bill by a little more than $382,000.  Brian vaulted from the bowels of the standings, 12th place, to 3rd but is almost $1,173,000 behind Dan.  Dave B. is close behind him in 4th, about $34,000 out of the last money spot.  Jordie and Elise tumbled out of the top 4.

Sorry about the delay in getting the official results up but the WGC people apparently think their tournament is so important and prestigious that the money results don't really matter.  See how many pros would show up for these things if the money were half what it is and nothing was guaranteed.  They'd have to call Ron Cerrudo out of retirement to fill the field.  They did not publish the official money breakdown until about 3:45 pm today.  Dumbasses.   Don't they know I have a golf pool to run?

I thought the match play format adapted ok to our pool format.  I didn't expect three players to pick the two finalist and one of them to have 3 of the 4 semi-finalists.  If that happens those 3 should pull away from the rest of us, match or stroke play.  I kind of liked it, I hope it falls into our rotation again next year.  Let me know what you think.

There will probably be a delay getting the results up again in two weeks since the next tournament on our schedule is the next WGC event, The Cadillac Championship.  Formerly known as the CA Championship, also formerly known as the Doral Open, the PGA Tour will start its Florida swing in the most beautiful cesspool in the world, Miami.  Actually the Florida Swing starts this week in Palm Beach Gardens, but since the Honda Classic is not on the Rule 20-6 schedule it really doesn't matter.  That does not change the fact that Miami a cesspool, however be it one of the prettier cesspools I've ever been to.

Get those picks in on time.

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