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The Memorial Picks Are Up!
So many good players, so few spots on a team...
Let's Get It On!(CORRECTION - 6/2, 9:30 pm - Due to an administrative error (again) Mickelson was picked only 7 times, Ryan Moore was a deuce, there were only 15 unique picks and Mike D. did not have a unique pick.  Elise incorrectly had Phil listed on her team on the site, instead of Moore, who she actually picked.)

The picks for this week's tournament are up on the site, along with the round 1 standings.  We chose 34 different golfers.  No golfer made double digits in times picked.  The favorite this week is Matt Kuchar, chosen 9 times.  Luke and Man Boobs tied for the second most popular pick, showing up on 8 teams each.  Watney, K.J. and The Man in Orange were chosen 7 times each.  Stricker and McIlroy are on 6 lists each.  Hunter got the nod 4 times.  Justin and Bubba are the only treys.  Just a freakin' boat-load of deuces: Haas, Els, Schwartzel, Van Pelt, Marino, Furyk and Barnes.

A fair amount of unique picks this week, 16.  Hugh led the way with 5.  Randy was next in line with 3.  Chris has 2.  Elise, Brian, Jordie, Dave B. and both Mikes had one each.  The other five players apparently didn't want to walk on the wild side of the golf pool world and avoided any unique picks.

Both Mikes are working hard at the tourney this week.  The course is firm and going to get even firmer if the weather forecast holds.  I've got a feeling the newly redesigned sixteenth hole will end up making a difference in the pool this weekend.  And we've got one of the more bizarre set of picks I've seen in quite a while. No clear-cut favorite and lots of solid players as treys, deuces and uniques.  There is no doubt, and Jack agrees with me, this is gonna be a good one...

Let's get it on!

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