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Dave B. Wins The Memorial!
He's back in the winner's circle with a little help from the irish kid...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #10 Trophy!After a mediocre spring season, the Rule 20-6 all-time leading money winner showed us this week that unlike Tiger, he is back.  Dave B. won the Memorial Tournament, thanks in large part to 3 top 5 picks (Stricker, Kuchar and McIlroy), by $33,763 over me.  McIlroy's birdie on the #18 probably made the difference.  Steve finished third, $112,840 behind me.  Dave A. missed the last money spot by $40,889.

Since this was the first season event of the summer, those standings mirror the previous paragraph pretty close.

I remained in first in the year-long race.  Bill is still in second, but Steve jumped up one spot to third and Dave B. moved up one to the bubble spot.  Brian dropped from third to fifth.

The next tournament in about 10 days is the second major of the year, The U.S. Open.  It will be at Congressional C.C. in Maryland, the former home of Tiger's former tournament, the AT&T National.  Does this mean Tiger will have any kind of an advantage?  It is the first "Tiger May Care" event of the summer season, so will he care?  I think he will.  I think he'll finish 18 holes too.  But probably not more than 36 holes.  Maybe we'll change the name of that pool to "Tiger May Make The Cut" or "Tiger May Finish Eighteen Holes".  What do think?  We'll see how the rest of the year goes.

Get those picks in on time.

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