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The U.S. Open Picks Are Up!
I think if Bobby Jones were playing this week he'd have been a unique...
Let's Get It On! - US OPEN SPECIAL! - The first person to read this and send me an email before the end of the tournament will get a $1 credit on their account!The picks and mid-round 1 standings for the 2nd major of the year are up on the site.  We chose 34 different golfers this week.  No unanimous picks (that may never happen again), but Matt Kuchar is the favorite with 11 players choosing him.  Mickelson, Sticker and Westwood are on 10 teams each.  Young Rory got the nod 8 times.  Cool Hand Luke was picked 7 times.  Six players hope Dustin Johnson can keep his final round under 80 this year.  Hunter Mahan was picked 5 times.  K.J. is the lone 4-bagger.  No treys, but Jason Day and Bubba are both deuces.

Uniques?  Oh yea, everyone wants a shot at glory.  23 freakin' unique picks this week.  Hugh is the leader with 5.  Dan has 3.  Bill, Randy, Mike D. and both Daves have 2 each.  Elise, Steve, Jordie, Chris and Mike M. have 1 each.  Brian and I wimped out and did not find a unique pick.


The only way Chris Berman could be a decent golf commentator is if he never talked.  It's been the same shtick for 30+ years, regardless of the sport.  Maybe if the USGA thought about it they'd figure out there is a reason the Masters officials won't let him on the grounds.  He does not, in any way, make any sort of meaningful contribution to the telecast.  It's just one stupid nickname or asinine comment after another.  Thankfully my mute button works and we only have to deal with him for 2 days.  My advice to him would be come up with some new material, then quit before anyone has to hear it.


This is clearly the wildest set of picks we have ever had for any major.  23 of 34 picks are uniques?  Wow.  We have some pretty clear favorites, but I have a feeling someone is going to win by a lot this week.  And is it my TV, or do some of those greens look near death?  There's brown, then there's that dark brown that makes superintendents update their résumés.  Hope they make it through the weekend.  Wild picks, dead greens, firm conditions, long rough... it must be the U.S. Open.  And you know damn well all this will make it one for the ages (was I just complaining about someone doing the same thing over and over again?)...

Let's Get It On!

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