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Bill Wins The AT&T National!
When he wins he doesn't mess around. One of these weeks he's going to pick all of the top 7...
The Rule 20-6 Tournament #12 Trophy!I think Bill had every golfer who led the tournament this week on his team.  The ones who finished 1st and 2nd, Watney and Choi, along with t3 Adam Scott, made the difference for him and he won by $83,142 over Dave A.  Dave also had Watney and Choi plus 3 other golfers in the top 15, but couldn't come up with enough cash to pass Bill's 2nd set of 1-2-3 picks this year.  Randy also had the top 2 golfers this week and grabbed the last money spot, $166,842 behind Dave.  I ended up a distant 4th.

Dave jumped from 3rd into the lead in the Season race.  Steve and I both dropped one spot, me to 2nd and Steve to 3rd.  Hugh remained on the money bubble.

I stayed in first in the Year-Long standings.  Bill jumped back over Steve to 2nd.  Steve is 3rd and Dave A. moved past Dave B. into 4th.

The next tournament in about 10 days is the British Open, or if you're not from America, the Open Championship.  It will be our 3rd major of the year and 2nd "TMC" event of the summer.  From what Nick Faldo has said on TV a couple or 15 times this weekend, it's hard and fast over there in England, so it should be a "real" British Open this year.  Lots of bump and runs and weird bounces.  And you know something weird will happen... it has to, it's the British Open. I can't wait.  I dare anyone to pick an American golfer.

Remember, the first tee time in the Open Championship is usually about 1:30 AM Eastern time, so plan accordingly.

Get those picks in on time.

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