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The 2012 Schedule Is Set!
It IS official! Click on the Schedule or Calendar links above to see this year's events...
Let's Get It On!Damn straight it's official.  The 2012 version of the Rule 20-6 Golf Pool will begin January 26 with the Farmers Insurance San Diego Open.  To see a list of each tournament we're playing this year, click on the schedule link above.  To see how the tournaments fall in relation to the ones we don't play, click on the Calendar link above, then page through each month of 2012 (through September).  The Pool tournaments are in red.  The other PGA Tour events are in some other color.

The schedule is every other week though the Spring Season and the first three events of the Summer Season (through The AT&T National).  The British Open is a week later than 2011, so we'll have an extra week off before that major.  One week off, then we'll play the W.G.C. event at Firestone, a new one for us, the week before the PGA Championship. Of course we'll play the PGA the next week, take one week off, then finish with the first three "Playoff" tournaments.  Five out of the last six weeks of the Pool year will be tournaments.  I am going to have to start working out now to be ready for that finish!

This looks pretty damn good to me, and I'm ready to go right now.  I can't pick football winners so I need to get back to golf.


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