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The 9th Year Is Underway!
Looks like we still know how to pick'em...
Let's Get It On!Man, I am ready for this... the 2012 version of the Rule 20-6 Golf Pool is up and running.  We chose 31 different golfers for the Farmers Insurance San Diego Open.  No one was unanimous, but Phil "Man Boobs" Mickelson is the favorite, chosen by all but 2 players.  Nick Watney is the 2nd most popular pick, showing up 11 times.  Dustin and Bubba are on 9 teams each.  PGA champ Keegan Bradley made it on 8 teams.  Snedeker got the nod 6 times.  Five players like Gary Woodland.  Jay's boy Bill and D.A. Points are both 4-baggers.  Lots of treys: Mahan, Crane, Fowler, Garrigus, Ogilvy and deJonge.  Two deuces: Stevie Marino and Scotty Piercy.

Fourteen unique picks for the first event of the year.  Jordie has the most with 3.  Dan, Chris, Brett and Dave B. have 2 each.  Elise, Dave A. and Mike M. have 1 each.  The other 7 players won't know the glories and tragedies of the Unique pick this opening week.

We have a new player joining us this year.  Brett S. is the assistant Superintendent at Moundbuilders C.C. and has been for 30+ years.  I think all of you Ohio boys know him.  He is a past Licking County League golf champion, along with the winner of many, many money matches.  Brett has dropped more clutch putts than anyone in this pool;  Bill is the only one even close.  Despite what he may tell you (probably to get some strokes) Brett is a player when the money is on the line, and he is probably the finest gambler, golf or otherwise, that I know.  With his knowledge of golf and pure gambling skills, his picks this year will be very, very dangerous.

Since we have a little more money in the pots with the addition of Brett, the weekly payouts will be going up a bit.  I decided to keep last year's percentages for each spot as close to the same as I could, so in regular events and the T.M.C.'s 1st will be $42, 2nd $22 and 3rd $11.  Double those for majors, Seasons and Year-Longs.

We've got a nice mix of picks for some exciting golf pooling.  A couple of clear favorites and over 70% of the picks deuces, treys or uniques.  This is the way I like it.  Actually it doesn't matter because I am ready to get down to some serious golf pooling.  It's been 4 months so you know damn well it's gonna be good...

Let's Get It On!

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