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The W.G.C.-Match Play Picks Are Up!
Uh oh, only 27 golfers picked and 7 uniques. Could mean some ties...
Let's Get It On!The picks for this week's tournament are up on the site.  Because this tournament is a little different than what we usually do, I'm not going to update the standings until the end of round 1.  And after round 1 there will be a 32-way tie for 1st place.  Until the first round is complete I thought, for fun, I'd put up what the standings would be if every match happened as the seedings dictate.  And as you can see by those standings, I have officially jinxed myself for this week.

On to the picks:  We chose 27 different golfers.  Last year, with one less player, we chose 37 golfers.  No one is unanimous, but young Rory is the favorite, picked 12 times.  Eleven of us think Luke will use the force this week.  Lee Westwood, who has never made it past the 2nd round in this thing in 11 tries, showed up on 8 teams.  Jason Day, Bill Haas and Tiger "No gimmes for you this week" Woods were picked 7 times each.  Kuchar got the nod 6 times.  Five of us like Adam Scott.  Webb, Aaron, Charl and Stricker are all 4-baggers.  Three treys: Dustin, Justin and Hunter.  Ian, Sergio, Bo (not Reambo), Martin and Grey-me are this week's deuces.

Seven unique picks.  Considerably less than the 19 we had last year for this tournament.  The Daves are the unique leaders with 2 each.  Chris, Dan and Mike D. have one each.  The other 10 of us are uniqueless.

We didn't pick as many golfers this year compared to last year, which increases the chances of ties in the 3 money spots, but we've still got a nice spread of picks.  Only 3 golfers were chosen by more than half of us and 15 of the 27 golfers are deuces, treys or uniques.  I think this is going to be a close one, and it's the only match play event of the year so you know damn well it's gonna be a good one...

Let's Get it On!

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