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Dan Wins The Pebble Beach Pro-Am!
He picked 2 of the top 3 and goes wire-to-wire...
The Rule 20-6 Golf Pool Tournament #2 TrophyDan had winner Phil Mickelson (who looked like he lost some weight and definitely made some putts today), 3rd place Ricky Barnes and t5 Dustin Johnson and won this week by $268,160 over Bill.  Bill also had Mickelson and Johnson, plus t9 Spencer Levin, but couldn't urge his team to come up with enough cash to overcome Barnes' 3rd place money.  I ended up 3rd, a mere $896 behind Bill.  Dave A. was this week's bubble boy, missing the last money spot by just under $63,600.

Bill moved in to the top spot in the Spring Season standings.  I am second and trail Bill by just under $75,000.  Steve remained in third and is $182,702 behind me.  Dan is 4th.  Still lots of golf pooling before these standings start meaning something.

The next tournament in about 9 days is the first free money event of our year and our 2nd attempt at the W.G.C. Accenture World Match Play Championship.  Hopefully things will work out as well as they did last year and we won't end up with a 15-way tie for 1st place.  This tournament is a Wednesday start, so plan accordingly.

Just in case you didn't catch that last sentence, I'll reiterate:  The next tournament starts on Wednesday.

Get those picks in on time.

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