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The Pebble Beach Picks Are Up!
Only 25 golfers picked, 11 uniques and everyone likes Tiger again...
Let's Get It On!The picks and early round 1 standings for this week are on the site.  We chose 25 different golfers.  That's less than I would have guessed.  For the first time since last year's Pebble Beach tournament we have a unanimous pick.  Last year it was Dustin Johnson, this year it's everybody's favorite comeback kid, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods.  Well, ok, he's not everybody's favorite... and he's really not a kid anymore... and a comeback?  Is it really considered a comeback if you start playing pretty well again after you stop playing because your personal life is in shambles and you're such a mental basket-case that you can't take the club back, then have to recover from various HGH-related injuries, all in the middle of two "swing changes"?  ESPN and The Golf Channel think so.  But either way, he is a unanimous pick this week.  D.J. is the second favorite golfer, ending up on 13 teams.  Hunter Mahan was chosen by a dozen players.  Nick Watney was picked 11 times.  Rickie "Would You Please Bend the Bill Of Your Cap" Fowler and Phil "Would You Please Loose Some Weight and Make a Damn Putt" Mickelson made it on to 7 teams each.  Bryce Molder got the nod 6 times.  Five of us liked "Diamond" D.A. Points.  The tour's latest choker, Spencer Levin, and Brendan Steele are four-baggers.  John "Hey? What?" Huh and Z.J. are treys.  The only two deuces are Ricky Barnes and Gee-off.

Unique picks this week are ample, but not really plentiful... 11 total.  Chris and Dan have the most with two each.  Steve, Hugh, Brett, Elise, Brian and both Mikes have one each.  The other six players missed out on a unique.

I haven't seen a set of picks like this in a non-major tournament in a long time.  We've got 4 pretty clear favorites, a few of middle-of-the-pack kind of picks, and not a tremendous amount of uniques, deuces and treys.  This one's going to be tight, boys and girls.  No one picked any celebrities, which is probably good.  Unfortunately the rich and famous non-golf pros will have to be tolerated or fast-forwarded past on TV.  But heck, it wouldn't be "The Crosby" without the am's.  I'd be willing to try one year, though.  The TV coverage will be almost unbearable the first three days, with the "interviews", amateur swings, shots of surfers, wind sailors and fat people walking on the beach.  All that and more... except golf shots, of course.  Mike D. has set the over/under on TV blimp shots of whales at 14.  I'm going way, way, over that.  Way over.  TV coverage aside, it's Pebble Beach and the Monterey Peninsula so it's just gotta be a good one... oh hell yea it will be...

Let's Get It On!

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