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The Wells Fargo Picks Are Up!
Some want to gamble, some want to play it straight...
Let's Get It On!The ordered picks for this week's tournament are up on the site.  We chose 34 golfers.  No golfer was unanimous, but young Rory was the favorite, picked 13 times.  Fat Phil was the number two most popular choice, showing up 12 times.  Majorless Lee was liked by 9 players.  Webb and Hunter are on 8 teams each.  Tiger got the nod 7 times.  Jay's boy is on 6 teams.  Z.J. made the cut for 5 players.  Ricky, Cameron and Loopy Jim are all treys.  The deuces include Keegan, Bo, Pettersson, Na, Huh and What.  Actually What's not playing.  Who is though, he's in third.  Or is it second?  Idontknow's in there somewhere too.

Eighteen uniques for the final "T.M.C." event of the Spring.  Jordie has 6.  Hugh has 3.  Chris and Brett have 2 each.  Randy, Elise, Bill, Dave A. and Mike M. have one each.  The remaining six players will not know the joys and sorrows of the almighty unique pick this week.

Sorry for the lateness in getting the picks up.  Unfortunately this will be a usual Thursday thing.  I'm playing in a golf league this year on Thursday evenings, so the picks probably won't get up before 9:00pm for the rest of the year.  Remember, everyone's picks are always listed on the "Picks Received" page at the deadline.  That's under the "Picks" link from the main menu.  But I'm sure everyone knew that.

We've got a pretty good field and a pretty good mix of picks this week.  Charlotte is a good town.  I only stayed there two nights, but it seemed like a pretty nice place, especially for the Deep South.  I'll skip the off-handed, Tiger-related, racial comments at this point, just 'cause I'm a "PC" kinda guy.  Had some ass-kicking barbecue when I was there... place can't be all bad if you serve ass-kicking barbecue.  Regardless of the food or what the black guys are doing, with the studs in this field and the awesome mix of picks we've got, this is going to be a hell of a tournament.  Just gotta be a damn good one...

Let's get it on!


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